Weingut Schuster wines

Weingut Schuster
  • Year: 1986
  • Location: AT, Wagram

Annual Production: 30,000 bottles


The viticulture of this historical house goes back to 1772. In 1986, Karl and Helga Schuster became the face behind the family business. They supplement their own vineyards' yield. 75% of the wines are of white wine varietals, with over ⅓ of the vineyard devoted to the Grüner Veltliner as they are confident that the native grapes ultimately deliver the best wines. The vineyards benefit from exceptionally fertile soil, dating back to the glacial age, which resulted in an escarpment with plenty of water storage, which nourishes the well-cultivated roots of the vines even throughout dry periods. An ancient aeolian sediment accumulated by wind-blown silt, with a balanced distribution of sand and silt cemented together by calcium carbonate, is one the reasons why the region benefits from the incredibly flavourful nature of its grapes. Großriedenthal is considered one of the "most beautiful villages in Austria" and is located in the primitive wine region of Wagram.


Hauptstraße 61, 3471 Großriedenthal, Austria

Current Ownership

The Schuster family

Interesting Facts

The leading varieties of the estate are typical for the region Grüner Veltliner and especially Roter Veltliner. Also impressive is the Riesling and Pinot Noir showcase of the single vineyard Eisenhut. The stylistic range of wines is clearly towards expressive and elegant wines that reflect the potential of the varieties and locations. In particular, the award-winning wines from the individual layers Eisenhut, Altweingarten, thief stone and Goldberg point to the potential of the vineyards in Großriedenthal. Of particular concern is the autochthonous vine Roter Veltliner. An understanding of this variety was made with the "SALON" winner in 2011 demonstrated. In 2014, the operation was able to subscribe to the honor roll of "SALON" in 5 years, the winery was once represented 4 therein. Thomas was further in 2014 selected as a finalist of the "Castle square Jungwinzer Trophy." The operation has been extended by a new production facility including a modern tasting room in recent years. Guest rooms at the Helga Schuster are available and invite you to take a trip in the diverse region Wagram. The ladybug on the label represents the closeness to nature that this estate prioritises in their winemaking culture. There is a responsibility toward and a respect of the flora and fauna of their vineyards, and a recognition that all of nature works together in harmony. In addition to exceptional careful cultivation of the vines, there is a distinct emphasis on the manual selection of the grapes.

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