Rizzi wines

  • Year: 1974
  • Location: Italy


Winemaker Ernesto Dellapiana left behind a city career to found Rizzi in 1974 and later added to the property by reclaiming a long-lost family estate called Cascina Boito. In recent years Ernesto’s two sons have taken over the running of the estate, tending to the family’s 40 hectares of vines with the utmost care and dedication. The estate is named after the famous Rizzi cru.



Via Rizzi, 15, 12050 Treiso CN, Italy

Interesting Facts

Winemaker Ernesto Dellapiana is known for saying “I have a crazy love for the earth”, a phrase that embodies his drive and determination to make exceptional wine on his family’s 19th century estate in the Langhe.

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