Fedellos do Couto wines

Fedellos do Couto
  • Location: Spain


Fedellos do Couto is a dynamic young winery founded by maverick Portuguese winemakers Curro Barreno, Jesus Olivares, and Luis Taboada whose family have owned the 12th century Couto mansion for generations. The name roughly translates to “Brats of Couto”, a reference to their irreverent and unconventional approach to winemaking which favours fermentation with wild yeasts and minimal human intervention.


Fedellos do Couto


Interesting Facts

Rather than buy their own vineyards, the trio rent several vineyards on steep terraces on the slopes of the rivers Sil and Bibei in Ribeira Sacra. The vineyards are so inaccessible that they must be worked entirely by hand, and the three winemakers insist on organic farming practices to produce the purest fruit possible.

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