Corte Figaretto wines

Corte Figaretto
  • Year: 2004
  • Location: IT, Veneto

Annual Production: 45,000 bottles


A family-run estate located in the heart of Valpantena, Corte Figaretto is nestled in a southern exposed valley north of Verona between Poiano and Quinto. Here, in the distinct Mediterranean climate, the summer months enjoy cool evening breezes from the Lessino mountains, enabling the air temperature to vary throughout the course of a day so that grapes can reach full maturity ripe with polyphenolic and anthocyanin properties.

The area is protected by hills and vineyards, and is considered ideal for the cultivation of full-flavoured, mature red wine grape varietals. Shoots and clusters are manually selected to balance the best of quality and quantity.


Via Clocego, 48, 37142 Poiano

Verona, Italy

Current Ownership

Mauro Bustaggi

Interesting Facts

The vineyards boast an array of Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella and Corvinone varietals, each of which enjoy their place within the delightful Valpolicella red wines offered by Corte Figaretto. Every October, the brothers pick the grapes by hand from these native vines from their high-altitude Brolo del Figaretto, carefully selecting mature, ripe grapes to provide the distinctly rich flavour of their offerings. The bunches are dried naturally over the cellar before being fermented in steel barrels and aged for two years in oak, and then in glass for six months. The cellar opened in 2004, although the family viticulture tradition extends much earlier than that date. Their passion for the wine is very apparent, and Corte Figaretto is known for its powerful, bold yet elegant wines.

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