Conti Sertoli Salis wines

Conti Sertoli Salis
  • Year: 1869
  • Location: IT, Lombardy

Annual Production: 100000 bottles


Conti Sertoli Salis has long been considered to be one of the most prestigious wineries in the Valtellina. An area rich in history, the ancient town of Tirano was the main hub of culture and economy for the Valtellina area. The Conti Sertoli Salis winery is deeply influenced by this history. In fact, the Salis brothers were among the first winemakers to ever bottle wine in Italy, in 1869, with their Marsala and Barolo wines. The Salis family was well connected politically, and would send the wines they produced to noble families in Switzerland and Europe. Producing high quality wines that show the distinctive qualities of the area has been the dedication from the beginning. Even today, the winery still continues to utilize the 16th-century wine cellars, which are fully operational and have been completely restored to their original states.


Salis 1637 Società Agricola srl
Via Stelvio 18
23037 - Tirano
Sondrio, Italy

Current Ownership

The Salis family

Interesting Facts

Conti Sertoli Salis is located in a valley, Valtellina, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, making it an ideal climate for producing fine wines. The fact that the estate is located in a valley, the vineyards are terraced amongst the slopes for approximately 50kms, with their highest elevation reaching an approximate altitude of 700 meters. The cold, dry winters of the region (which neighbours on Switzerland), the grapes maintain a strong concentration of natural sugar, tannins, tastes and flavour. The Nebbiolo grapes make up a large part of the vineyards go through a long wilting process, sometimes left on the vine until the beginning of March when they are harvested, resulting in a dry red wine that has warmth, structure and a full body.

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