Chateau de Manissy wines

Chateau de Manissy
  • Location: FR, Rhone


The vineyards of Chateau de Manissy have been producing wine since the beginning of the 20th century, when the "Missionary Fathers of the Holy Family" planted the first vines after inheriting the property from the Lafarge family, stone miners from Tavel. Then times changed and the fathers aged and had to give up the management of the estate.

Florian André, a young winemaker from Tavel, has been passionately dedicated to perpetuating the tradition of the Fathers since 2003, creating new cuvées. For ethical and environmental reasons, he totally switched to organic agriculture in 2009.


Chateau de Manissy

Rte de Roquemaure, 30126 Tavel, France


Privately owned

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