Berlucchi wines

  • Year: 1955
  • Location: Italy, Franciacorta DOCG region


Set in the foothills of the Alps, Berlucchi was the first to start producing sensational Franciacorta sparkling wines that are today famed all over the world. The story of this pioneering producer began with Guido Berlucchi, a local landowner, and Franco Ziliani, a young winemaker who had started his career consulting with many leading wineries. The two quickly realised the exceptional potential of Guido’s family estate to create top quality sparkling wines and collaborated to found the Berlucchi label in 1955.


Via Duranti, 4,

25040 Borgonato BS, Italy


Privately owned

Interesting Facts

Today the winery is run by Franco’s children, Arturo, Paolo, and Cristina, who have stayed true to Berlucchi’s founding principles while also promoting Franciacorta and their outstanding sparkling wines around the world.

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