Batic wines

  • Year: 1592
  • Location: SI, Primorje


The first Batič wines were born in the 16th century, shaped into being by the experienced hands of the monks of Batič estate in Šempas. The only remaining legacy of the once-proud monks of the estate is the knowledge and tradition of high-quality wine production that has been passed from generation to generation over four hundred years.


Šempas 130a

5261 Šempas


Privately owned

Interesting Facts

The Batic winery is run by Ivan Batic and his son Mika who use biodynamic and organic farming practices, allowing the movements of the heavens to dictate and guide their grape growing and winemaking endeavours. Their winery is located in Slovenia’s Vipava Valley with vineyards planted at up to 1300ft of altitude which helps ensure complexity and balance in their remarkable collection of wines.

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