Weingut Neumeister wines

Weingut Neumeister
  • Year: .
  • Location: AT, Styria

Annual Production: 200,000 bottles


The Neumeister winery is located in the Southeastern Austrian municipality of Straden, which is a part of theSüdoststeiermark District inthe state of Styria. The location's climate is renowned for its warm days matched with cool nights, and experiences rainfall that averages 900 mm. This climate, which is largely influenced by both the Mediterranean and Alpine localities, results in a long growing season and later harvest. The mix of geographical terrain along with a climate make for a challenging environment to cultivate and harvest wine, but the Neumeister Family has developed a sustainable viticulture practice, cultivating 30 hectares of vineyards across a multitude of small, micro-vineyards, each experiencing their own sub-climate as a result of being cast along steep slopes of the natural terrain.


Neumeister GMBH

8345 Straden 42


Current Ownership

The Neumeister Family

Interesting Facts

Neumeister was named one of the top 100 wineries in 2015 by New York City's Wine & Spirits Magazine, quite an honor for the small, intentional winery. In an industry that can sometimes seem more about flashy branding than quality wine, Neumeister has maintained a dedicated focus to keeping things simple, an approach that has certainly paid off for them. Neumeister's philosophy for wine production is rooted in the understanding that sustainability and a holistic approach yields the best gains for the short and long term. The result of their viticulture practices is not just more viable for the earth but also results in profound and satisfying wines. The vineyards, which have been organic since 2013, are located on a complex geology composed of calcareous sedimentary soils from two different origins, offering a mix of sandstone and limestone. The terrain cannot sustain large vineyards, so the plots are small, each with its own micro-climate, and requires intense, manual labour to cultivate.

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