Pra wines

  • Year: 1980s
  • Location: IT, Veneto

Annual Production: N/A


50 miles west of Venice lies the Graziano Pra winery and vineyard, centered in the wine district of Monteforte d'Alpone just outside of Verona, Italy. Founded by Graziano Pra and his two brothers (Flavio and Sergio) in the early 1980s, this small winery has earned the respect and attention from critics and enthusiasts alike. With a focus on quality production, this organic winemaker's deep passion for pure agriculture in combination with a history nodding back to his father and grandfather, results in wines that are full of intention and uniqueness.



Via Della Fontana, 31

37032 Monteforte d'Alpone

Verona, Italy


Privately Owned

Interesting Facts

The region of Monteforte d'Alpone in Italy's famous wine district lends to quality wine production and these ancient soils are the ideal foundation for the traditional Trebbiano and Garganega grapes. The wines produced here all have a distinct mineral presence to compliment their elegance and it's no surprise that critics and customers alike been enjoying the award-winning Soave Classicos for years. Graziano Pra grows Rondinella,Corvinone and Corvina grapes for the Amarone Valpolicella DOC in addition to the Trebbiano and Garganega grapes for their Soave Classico. Graziano's dedication to small batches and tending to the wines with the utmost attention ensures quality from start to finish. In addition, the implementation of organic agriculture signifies a level of deep respect for the lands that yield these grapes and the history of wine production.

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