Abadia Retuerta wines

Abadia Retuerta
  • Year: 1146
  • Location: Spain


The majestic abbey of Santa Maria de Retuerta was built on the banks of the Duero River in 1146 by order of the Conde de Castilla who wanted to create a network of fortified monasteries to protect his lands. In 1996 a new winery was established here set on 700 hectares of vineyards which include 54 different plots surrounded by mountains and verdant forests.


Abadia Retuerta

Sardón de Duero 47340 Valladolid Spain

Interesting Facts

Many of the vineyards grow at 700 to 850 meters above sea level, ensuring warm sunny days and cooler nights which help to preserve plenty of freshness as well as ripe fruit flavours.

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